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"Cool Stuff for You and Your Car"

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Schuco Racers
Remembering my Schuco Racers from when I was a kid, playing on the kitchen floor for hours never tiring of seeing them zipping around... I love these toys, the way they look and the simplicity. No high tech here just a great toy! I am happy to bring these wonderful Schuco cars to you.

Fender Gripper
Non-slip material will not slide off slick surfaces
Soft and cushioned for protection
Tools will not slip off fender cover
And washable too!

New! HighwayOne now features BatteryTender battery chargers.
Keep your rigs zapped fresh with these nifty devices.
Don't be caught dead with a dead battery.

Four different models available. 12 and 6 volts.

The Bucket
Great Stuff
Your Car!

Pedal Cars
Remember how it was when you were a kid
Cruisin’ around in your pedal car…
So Cool .

Double Bubble Clocks
Classic Clocks that will make a great addition to your garage or den and look so good that maybe you'll want one for the kitchen.

Old School Coolers
Our nostalgia style cooler is a must when taking your classic car to a show or picnic . They just go together. Keeps your beverages so cold and looks so cool!

Automotive Art

The automobile is Industrial art at its max. The look and feel of a car is only limited by ones imagination From the time the car was invented Artist have put on canvas their interpretation of this form of art Cars are not just for the garage...

Light Switch Plate
Custom Hand Pinstriped
Wall switch plates
Each is one of a kind

Jelly Cell Mate
Magically works
No more slipping or sliding!
Great Gift Idea

Flame Mail Boxes
Getting Your Mail
Will never be as much fun!

The Kreepster
is a complete redesign of the traditional garage creeper. Designed and built with the latest in lightweight materials, the Kreepster offers contemporary tubular aluminum construction defining a new level of style, strength and comfort. With its ergonomically-formed deck, adjustable headrest and smooth action casters with urethane wheels the Kreepster is a must for every modern garage.

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