BatteryTender® battery chargers

Why the Battery Tender® vs. conventional chargers? Avoid the potentially damaging effects caused by most trickle chargers! Battery Tender® BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect convenience automatically maintains the batteries in all your vehicles so they are ready to go when you are! You just set it, and forget it!

Private label manufacturers for BMW and Harley-Davidson, Battery Tender® assures the highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance. The choice of collectors, dealers, and fleet owners, our state-of-the art chargers can actually save hundreds of dollars in replacement batteries!

Want more proof? See what the experts say! * Rider Magazine: Product of the Year! *Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News. *The #1 Selling Charger in the U.S. Powersports Industry! *Endorsed & Recommended by Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) & the American Motorcycle Institute (AMI). * Featured on Speed TV's My Classic Car & Corbin's Ride On.

Which Battery Tender® is for you? Battery Tender Plus? Waterproof? The Battery Tender Plus is ideal for most applications: Automobiles, Motorcycles, Planes, RV's, ATV's, Golf Carts, Trucks & general use. The Waterproof 800 is unique for Boats, Watercraft & outdoors. Battery Tender Jr. for compact size, hard to fit places.

4-Bank Charger

The 4 Bank Battery Tender Charging Station is four encased 1.25 amp battery chargers designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.

$259.95 US

Please choose 12 or 6 volt charger:
Battery Tender Plus

The Battery Tender Plus is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. Included is a quick connect harness for hard to reach areas.

NEW DIAGNOSTICS! Red & Green Lights Alternately Flash for Reverse Polarity or when the battery is sulfated or if the battery terminals are corroded.

Choose between 12 volt and 6 volt models.

$59.95 US

Please choose 12 or 6 volt charger:
Battery Tender Jr.

The Battery Tender Junior is much more than a trickle charger. It has a brain. It's lightweight, compact, and fully automatic; very easy to use, especially in small spaces. It will keep your battery fully charged so that it is ready to go when you are!

Choose between 12 volt and 6 volt models, both with 750 mA output.

$39.95 US

Waterproof 800

The engineers at Deltran led the way in innovation and convenience by introducing the International Battery Tender® Waterproof 800. Since its introduction in 2003, it has been widely accepted as a solid new addition to the Battery Tender® family of charger products. This compact 800 mA battery charger has all the charge characteristics of its cousin the Battery Tender Junior. It incorporates highly efficient surface mount technology electronic components. The interior is completely encapsulated, protected from shock, vibration, and moisture by an electrically insulating, thermally conductive, flame retardant, UL recognized, synthetic epoxy resin compound. It's tough, affordable, and a strong, innovative battery charging solution.

This charger is no larger than a standard computer mouse yet packs 800 millamps of pure constant current charging power. Coupled with a brain (IC chip), the charger will constantly monitor, charge, and then maintain your battery --- even while totally submersed under water! Perfect for all outdoor types of ATV's, watercraft, motorcycles, boats, or anywhere water is a threat. International universal input voltage works anywhere in the world 100-240 AC Volts 50/60 Hz.

$49.95.00 US

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